Exxxtreme Sheets Blanket

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Have you ever wanted to give your lover a sensuous massage, but were afraid to get oil on the sheets? Not any more! Now you can get as oily, or as dirty as you want without worrying about ruining your sheets! Exxxtreme Sheets are made from PU coated nylon for easy clean up after even the messiest of play sessions.

Simply wipe off with soap and water or toss it into the washing machine. After drying, apply a light dusting of cornstarch to prevent the sheet from sticking to itself.

Measures 78" long x 56" wide.

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Great for Protecting Fabric!! 5/5 Stars Review on: July 27, 2018 Review by: Penny

This was a smart purchase. We used it for massages and some of the glide spilled and it was so easy to wipe up. The sheet is super soft. Opens up to be about the size of a twin size bed sheet, so we'll be able to bring it along while traveling which is a nice bonus!

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