ON Natural Arousal Oil

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ON Arousal Oil's shockingly powerful botanical formula creates a warm and extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes a woman feel more sensation than ever before!

ON Arousal Oil uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe, natural arousal effect unlike any other. This exciting combination of arousal and heightened sensitivity increases wetness in most women and leads to more intense orgasms for a deep, pleasurable sexual satisfaction.

Apply 1-2 drops onto your clitoris. Allow up to 2 minutes for full effect. Lasts up to 45 minutes. Re-apply as desired.

ON Arousal Oil has no harsh preservatives, parabens, perfumes or artificial flavoring.  ON should NOT be used with latex condoms.

Ingredients: Proprietary Essential Oil Blend including: Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E); Silica, Natural Flavors, Rosemary Oil Extract

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Long Lasting Fun ! 5/5 Stars Review on: November 7, 2017 Review by: Skittles

I love this product, it only takes a drop or two! I like using this with my partner for extra clitoral stimulation. The taste is okay but we do not really like that part but, it is warm and tingly and makes you feel really sensitive. The best part about it is that it can last up to 45 min. I love that we don't have to kill the mood by stopping to reapply.

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