Sex & Mischief Steele Ben Wa Balls

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100% stainless steel Ben Wa balls strengthen as they stimulate. Use one or both balls to boost your orgasm by inserting them vaginally. The pleasure balls tease your senses as your muscles contract and release around them.

Contains 2 steel balls and a felt bag.

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Ben WOW! 5/5 Stars Review on: June 7, 2018 Review by: Melanie

These Ben Wa Balls are amazing! I purchased these to help strengthen my pelvic floor. These were my first pair of Ben Wa's that I ever purchased and I was very happy. I loved that these balls were made of stainless steel not only because that made them easy to clean and sterilize but I also loved the added weight! These balls were small enough to not be intimidating but also helped to stimulate me before sex with my partner. Thanks to these Ben Wa Balls I found my G-spot shortly after taking them out and both me and my partner noticed the difference they made during sex. These are great!

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