Door Jam Sex Sling

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For some balls to the wall fun!

The Door Jam Sex Sling is perfect for travel and requires no installation! Place the straps over any door and close it. Get positioned in the padded seat that can pivot for access at any angle, grab the hand grips, and place your feet in the support straps for the ultimate leverage. You can change positions quickly by lifting and re-positioning the adjustable strap locks.

Supports up to 325 lbs.

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Kink Secret! 5/5 Stars Review on: June 7, 2018 Review by: Crystal

I always wanted a sex swing but I never wanted to have to permanently install one in my ceiling because I have roommates and my parents visit my home frequently and unannounced, so when I discovered the door jam swing I was elated because you can put it up in less than ten seconds and it comes down in two seconds for easy hidden storage in a box or a closet without leaving the hook with no plant on it for everyone to question. This swing is also really strong and can hold both my and my lovers weight.

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Great Strength! 5/5 Stars Review on: November 15, 2018 Review by: Judy

This is a great option in place of a full 360 swing. We have kids and this allows us to put it up and take it down without being so noticeable. It's heavy duty and allows many positions. I didn't think it was possible to hold a heavy person however, I was wrong! It held myself as well as my husband with out any issue. Great way to spice things up!

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