Ouch! Skulls & Bones Spiked Collar with Leash

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Adorn the neck of your naughty one with this striking spiked collar, as the metal leash hangs seductively against their chest. Made of high quality black bonded leather and decorated with a combination of spikes and o-rings for added visual stimulation. Whether you want to tie your partner up or parade them around, this is the perfect bondage accessory for fulfilling all of your fantasy situations in style.

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So soft and comfortable!!!! 5/5 Stars Review on: February 19, 2019 Review by: Cassidy

The REAL LEATHER this line is made from is high quality, durable, and extremely comfortable. The clasp in the back doesnt pull at my hair throughout the day, and neither do the spikes. I wear mine all day, and honestly forget its even there. You could even add a little bell or charm instead of the leash! The entire line is unisex, indicated by the second box inside with a male model so, they do run a little larger. I do believe this is a great addition to my collection and will be back for more styles. I do wish they had plain leather collars available too, but overall 10/10 would recommend!

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