Liberator® Original Black Wedge

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The Liberator® Wedge adds support, lift and leverage to your repertoire by carefully cradling all the crucial points. The 27-degree angle excels every oral performance, and is ideal for g-spot stimulation. The angle also eases any anal expedition and intensifies many other sensational positions you and your lover will explore!

It's ideal for extending the duration of your session and brilliantly simple to position and move around.

The Liberator Wedge comes with a machine washable microfiber cover, a silky nylon water-resistant play surface, Position Guide filled with erotic photos of Liberator-original positions and a black, nylon gear bag for loving on the go.

Average of 2 customer reviews:

Comfy! ! 5/5 Stars Review on: February 17, 2019 Review by: Sandy P.

I got the wedge to try and spice things up, it was a great choice, it allows so many different angles and positions while still being so comfortable. It's easy to clean and washable which is great. Having it has helped us try so many new positions. Also, is a great pillow when just lounging as well so it's multi purpose! This was a great purchase.

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Soft and Comfy!! 5/5 Stars Review on: February 22, 2019 Review by: Mandy

I absolutely love this pillow! It has such a soft cover and it's waterproof underneath so, washing it is so easy. It is super firm and holds its position perfectly. It is not only good for fun but, for function as well. I have back pain sometimes and actually put it behind my pillow and it helps so much! I love the wedge so much I ordered the ramp as well, they actually sit together nicely and don't slip and slide all over the place. I am so satisfied with the wedge and would recommend this to anyone.

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