Liberator® Original Black Ramp

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The Liberator® Ramp offers support with a deep slope elevation. It strategically lifts your lover's hips to an altitude of 10 to 12 inches, offering access at critical angles that accentuate sensitivity.

Includes a machine washable microfiber cover as well as a silky nylon water-resistant play surface, Position Guide filled with erotic photos of Liberator-original positions and a black, nylon gear bag for loving on the go.

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words cant even describe!! 5/5 Stars Review on: June 19, 2019 Review by: Sarah P.

Okay so, I've never had a position pillow before but my girl friend told me about her experience with hers and I just had to buy it! first of all, its GREAT for massages and booty rubs. My boyfriend loves when I bend over on it with my butt in the air that way he can press himself against me while slowly running his hands all over my body, then from that all hes gotta do is pull my panties down and that's when the real fun begins. Ladies, There are so many ways you can use this thing! And it has a liquid proof removable cover on it that you can throw in the washer!! Amazing.

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