DORR Mystic Vibe 4 Piece Set
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Introducing Mystic, four luxurious silicone rechargeable toys for the price of one. Mystic revolves around the rechargeable control handle that attaches to each head with a simple and secure twist. Each interchangeable head contains its own motor to deliver powerful pleasure right where you need it. No matter your mood the Mystic kit will satisfy your every desire.

Reusable packaging provides discrete storage and stylish recharging station!

Kit includes:

  • Naughty Egg
  • Playful G-Spot
  • Fulfilled Clitoral
  • Adventurous Wand attachment with rotation and vibration functions

Average of 1 customer reviews:

Unexpected treasure on a toy run! 5/5 Stars Review on: October 24, 2017 Review by: Nikki

The DORR was an unexpected pleasure treasure! For the price of one rechargeable silicone toy I purchased 4 amazingly different vibes. The naughty gave me the option to use it as a bullet. The playful was a great wand with outside stimulation. The fulfilled is a rabbit that gives me the option of dual motors. The adventurous with its 360 motion, hit every spot and put more than a smile on my face. Buying the Dorr kit was a treasure and i would highly recommend it to everyone.

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