Liquid V Stimulating Gel for Women

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Liquid V is a maximum strength topical gel that amplifies pleasure for women immediately on contact. It is formulated to help women who want to enhance their sexual experiences.

  • Achieve the ultimate pleasure
  • Produces a tingling sensation
  • Helps increase pleasure
  • Perfect for women of all ages
  • Maximum Strength

Average of 2 customer reviews:

Woah!! 5/5 Stars Review on: July 9, 2019 Review by: Tina K.

So, I purchased the trial pack of this, and the next day came back and bought the bottle. I loved it that much! It has a super intense tingle, and makes all the blood flow around the clit. I felt like a horny teenager again after the tingle started to die down a little, and it made me soooooo sensitive. Its absolutely amazing stuff!! Just a warning though, only use a little!! Its that intense!

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Stronger then expected! 4/5 Stars Review on: November 2, 2019 Review by: Gloria

This is the QUICKEST and most intense stimulant I have ever used, a little goes a long way is no joke. I'm not gonna lie it can be intense at times, which isn't necessarily bad some days! But if you do have certain sensitivities, I would not recommend this product. But, other than that, after figuring out how much to properly use, this product is one of my favorite stimulants!

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