High Climax Female Stimulant Cream Single-Use Packet

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High Climax Female Stimulating Cream warms and stimulates on contact to turn you on instantly! It will take you higher and higher as it increases pleasure until you reach one of the most satisfying orgasms ever!

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Life Changing! 5/5 Stars Review on: October 10, 2018 Review by: Maria

Two drops on the clitoris. That's all you need! This High Climax cream gave me warm and tingly sensations that lasted about 20 minutes and definitely helped me climax faster. The rest I put into a Ziploc bag and it lasted about 6 uses. This stimulation cream has completely changed my sex life!

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Great!! 5/5 Stars Review on: February 17, 2019 Review by: Amber

I love this cream! It typically takes me awhile to climax but this cream makes it so much quicker and so much stronger! You only need a few drops and thats it! This packet is about 10 uses, I just put it in a bag and save it for another time!

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