High Climax Female Stimulant Cream

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High Climax Female Stimulating Cream warms and stimulates on contact to turn you on instantly! It will take you higher and higher as it increases pleasure until you reach one of the most satisfying orgasms ever!

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Product Review! 5/5 Stars Review on: September 25, 2017 Review by: Sicily

This product is AMAZING!!! This stimulant cream provides a wet, warm, cool tingling sensation to the intimate areas. The package says female stimulant however, it can be used on the mens intimate ares as well. A small amount goes a long way too!

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I died and went to heaven! ! 5/5 Stars Review on: October 27, 2019 Review by: Mary C.

OK. So, this stuff literally almost caused me a whole panic attack! LOL. I was told to use a very little amount but I went, Awe what the heck and decided to use one to many drops on myself.... I felt a climax like never before! Please only use a small amount when buying this product. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced but one drop is MORE THAN ENOUGH! This is super concentrated and compared to other clitoral stimulants I have tried, this one made my body reach the heavens!

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